Zephyrhills 100th Anniversary: Girls & Boys State

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With July 4th festivities at hand, it seems only appropriate to reflect on citizenship in our Countdown reflections this week.  During July, two ZHS students, Travis Bush and Dylan Moss will be heading to Tallahassee to take part in American Legion Boys State, a mock legislature. They will learn first hand about the multifaceted aspects of our American Governmental system.  Dylan and Travis will be part of a group of ZHS students that date back to 1948.  ZHS is  fortunate to have such a wonderful ongoing partnership with the American Legion Post 118 of Zephyrhills. Commander Keith Holz and Auxiliary Chairperson Cecille Looney have worked with the school in the past few years to select students to represent the school. A central goal of the programs has been to foster leadership skills. In years past, the delegates have given talks in the community and written news reports about their experiences.

The archives of the News are filled with the reports at the Legion and other civic groups.  While at the State Capitol, the delegates simulate an election, generate bills and pass legislation while running a working government. Students are selected competitively at the school by representatives of the Legion and Auxiliary, usually through interview. We thought you might be interested in a recap of the delegates throughout the centennial span:

2009: Travis Bush and Dylan Moss with alternate, Tyler Guy

2008: Brandon Minton, Randall Duffield, Brooke Jensen

2007: Ryan Alderman, Sara Smith

2006: Sederrik Cunningham, Matthew Thomas

2005: Brian Oneill, Brett Ross

2004: Michael Chin, Erik Dokendorf

2003: Alexander Boyle, Daniel, Burgess, Jr., Jacob Cimorelli

2002: Michael Hogard, Greg Mathis, Renee Yonkof

2001: Kristen Benedini [no boy was sent]

2000: Andrew Prilliman, Ashley McGavern, Mamie Wise

1999: Michael Pittman, Sarah Morphew

1998: Dean Collura, Melissa Strozewski

1997: Nick Peacock, Elissa St. Clair

1996: Ryan Dye, Cara Rodgers

1995: Brian Wood, Amanda Schwab

1993: Kamalii Louis “Ricky” Kaina, Mary Lee Going

1992: Daniel Husted, Lori Johnson

1991: Tommy McLeod, Emily Currington

1990: Mark Briggs, Adrian Johnson, Larry Weicht, Heidi Grimes

1989: Tommy Gregory, Doug Kraszka, Angela Riggs

1988: Tim McGavern, Jay Winter

1987: Edwin Amerman, Eric Smith, Christie Spurlock

1986: Steve Bright, Mark Brissette, Amy Williams

1985: Brian Crosby, Joseph Knight

1984: James Baker, John Roux, Pam Bartkowski

1983: David Harwell, David Seidel, Roy Wells, Chris Williams, Tracy Dunlap1982: David Bright, Russell Ellis, Dale Parker, Jimmy Williams, Carolyn Thompson

1981: Steve Kretschmar, Scott Natali, George Patton, Ronald Bryan Woodard, James Wyatt, III, Jodi Nutt

1980: Robert Briggs, Don Jernstrom, Chris Martin, Stan Stinson, Nancy Deboe

1979: Leonard Gehrke, Raymond LaCour, Loren Reed, Lance Alan Smith, Sharon Hastings

1978: Mark Barclay, Alan Corbin, Cliff Gehrke, Steve Spanger, Mona McIntosh

1977: Chris Bahr, Jeff DeWitt, Don Piatt, Fred Rhoda, Jeff Strout, Patricia Inman

1976: Scott Boyd, Ivan Corbin, Glen Howard, Kevin Pappan, Diane Bailey, Luan Gore

1975: Charles Back, Greg Mills, Eric Pirttima, Johanna Newton

1974: Hal Copper, Rodney Ferguson, Doug Lail, Kurt Malmquist, Cheri Wynne

1973: Gerald Eysaman, Jr., Armondo Maniscalco, Paul Regan, Brenda Kendrick

1972: Van McKenzie, Mike Walker, Mike Cox, Phyllis Jarrett (Mike Walker served as President of the Senate)

1971: Don Robinson, Jr., Bruce Vogel, Joni Palmer

1970: Jeff Brown, Larry McDonald, Andrij Neczwid Valerie Wickstrom

1969: Jeff Alston, David Krystofiak, Jim Simons, Julia Phipps

1968: Susanne Douglas

1967: Acie Ellerbe, Danny Pollock, Laura Eloise Hall

1966: Richard Kinney, Raymond Hodges, Jr., Alice Back

1965: Walter Achillich, Tom Porter, Janice McGuffey

1964: David Myers, Larry Turner, Diana Clements

1963: Ray Preston Bolt, John Wintersteen, Cletia Weaver

1962: X.L. Garrison Jr., Robert Johnson, Judy Goulding

1961: Sam Gross, Barbara Russ

1960: Richard Miles, Barbara Higginson

1959: Robert Campbell, Lynn Louise Nichols

1958: Bobby Hinsz, Margie Braden

1957: William McCallister, Glenn Miller, Ann Smith

1956: Barney A. Beach, Paul Canaday, Susanne Coolidge

1955: James Jarrett, Jr., Sarah Peck

1954: Cecil McGavern, Jr., Ruth Aldocosta

1953: Joan Lefler, Dale Vought

1952: Roger Whitworth, Merlene Nelson

1951: John Forbis, Barbara Smith

1950: Rex Gilbreath, Jack Lamb, Marilyn McClellan

1949: Billy “Jook” England, Nancy Skinner

1948: Jack Green, Joan Steve

Countdown to Centennial

Countdown to Centennial
By Madonna Jervis Wise and Clereen Morrill Brunty of the 100th Anniversary Committee, ZHS. Article originally appeared in the Zephyrhills News on July 2, 2009.

All rights reserved. Photos © Madonna Jervis Wise

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