100 Ideas For The 100th Anniversary

By , 17 November, 2009, 6 Comments

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Just got back from the latest committee meeting. There are *so* many things in the works for the celebration of Zephyrhills 100th Anniversary. And Main Street Zephyrhills isn’t the only group planning these events. There are dozens of groups coming together to make this an amazing and memorable event for the community.

Here’s just a few of the things “in the works”:

  • Vintage and modern aircraft flyover
  • 1910 costume contest
  • Drum-line competition
  • Parade which includes a float for every decade from 1910 to 2010
  • 5K & family run/walk
  • Sunday picnic at the park
  • Archaeological Dig
  • Antique photoshoot with period costumes
  • Period actors performing a variety show and street plays
  • A huge fireworks show over Zephyr Lake
  • Historical memorabilia and timelines of city history
  • Walking/trolley/hay ride tours of historical landmarks
  • Model T’s Car Club

And that’s just a sample! If you’re group is putting on an event in conjunction with the Zephyrhills 100th Anniversary, leave a comment below with the details.

Sound too exciting to just be a participant? We need more volunteers to help make all these plans a reality. Our next committee meeting is on December 9th, 2009 at 1 pm at the Thanks A Latté cafe in Downtown Zephyrhills. Show up early to grab some lunch! Let us know you’ll be coming and in what area(s) you’re interested in helping.

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  • Steven Sellars

    How about having all available band alums to perform the largest band version of the National Anthem before the fireworks?

  • Gregg

    That’s a great idea Steven, I’ll forward that on to the committee!

  • Faye Gaskin Smith

    Love the Alum Band idea, hard for us out of staters though, when would you practice (and I DO use the term loosely!)

    Is there a firm date for this as yet?

  • Brenda Sue (Susie Brown) Burns

    Hey Gregg, I am a 5th generation native and darned proud of it! Still living and teaching in Z-hills…the best hometown in the world. Loving the Band idea…what a tribute to John T.V.Clark?

  • Sharon Rummel

    I love that Alum Band idea…I hope that becomes part of this celebration!!

  • Anne (Kovach) Goggans

    Hi guys,

    how about some period music from both older and newer musicians. A couple of years ago I heard some older gents playing bluegrass at the park. How about different music from different periods. From wayyyy back. Also, how about some of the reanactors…they have tons of old uniform memorabilia and could probably have a display at the park with “arms” and such. Since it was “cow country” how about a cow wrangler, some folks on horseback, and maybe a performance area. A farm area would be great, since that is how folks lived. Maybe some of the locals teaching how we lived 100 years ago. How was food preserved? How did we cook? Where did clothes come from. This is a huge opportunity to get local museums and “funded” groups involved in giving presentation. something involving the trains would definitely be appropriate, since railroads were such a huge influence. For example, at wiregrass mall it costs $2 to ride the miniature train around the mall outside. It is about a 5 minute ride. I bet people wouldn’t scoff at $1. Also, I would encourage old fashioned food to be served, games to be set up and played. I am thinking “renaissance festival, but more pioneer style” Over the top.

    I must say, that Zephyrhills events are largely under advertised. There is a huge population of people in Wesley Chapel that wanted a downtown so much, they settled for a mall. Give them a downtown and they will come….they don’t know you are there! These are folks paying $8 to ice-skate for 15 minutes of fake ice. There is a market being ignored here folks.

    If someone isn’t pulling taffy I will freak out LOL.

    Just my 2 cents 🙂


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